Sandingdrum Ø150mm

The biggest one, Perfect for spindle moulder and through running machines

Sandingdrum Ø150mm

The 150mm sanding drum is the largest diameter in our range of sanding drums. It was primarily designed for table milling machines and continuous machines and has an extremely long life for the abrasive. The 150mm sanding drum can also be used on CNC machines, where it has an extremely long life

The main body of the Nextools sanding drum is made of aluminum and is therefore particularly light and not susceptible to sticking to the shaft. The elastic rubber knobs are arranged helically with an offset of 5 °. In addition, the tips of the rubber knobs are chamfered by 5 °. This results in a particularly good sanding result, and the sanding sleeve is particularly tight and is secured against slipping.

To open the bayonet lock and change the sanding sleeve, a suitable hexagon key is included in the scope of delivery. Each Nextools sanding drum is delivered with a 120 grit sanding sleeve. The Nextools sanding drum can optionally be equipped with an HSK63F holder.
Technical specifications

Diameter: 150mm

Bore: 30mm | 1" | 1 ​¼"

Sanding Height: 120mm

Revolution: up to 3000

Weight: 3,7 Kg

Preferred use:
  • Spindle Moulder
  • CNC-Machine
  • Through-Feeding Machine

  • 2500
    Sanding Abrasive-Lifetime / Meter
    Sanding Sleeve Circumference / mm
    max Revolution

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