Nextools Sandingdrum
Made to Sand

Nextools Sandingdrum

Made to Sand

Nextools Sandingdrum

Made to Sand

the Nextools Sandingdrum
Made to sand

Ø 150mm

The 150mm sanding drum is the largest diameter in our drum selection. It would be mainly designed for the spindle moulder and throughfeed machines, and the abrasive has an extremely long life.

Ø 110mm

With the 110mm sanding drum we offer a real workhorse. It has the perfect diameter for a CNC machine and also for a spindle moulder.
The basic profile knobs are extra longer and bevelled at the tips. This special geometry leads to a particularly harmonious sanding result.

Ø 90mm

The 90mm sanding drum is a good compromise between 80mm and 110mm. It has been specially developed for some countries of the world where this diameter is in high demand.

Ø 80mm

The 80mm sanding drum is a real all-rounder. It can be used on CNC machines for small internal radius as well as on high speed spindle moulders.

Ø 40mm

The 40mm sanding drum is perfect for use on CNC and column or bench drilling machines. Curved profiles can be easily ground on any standard drill.

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